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Enhancing lives by meeting individual needs

Progressive Living Inc. is a comprehensive, family-owned group home and community residential provider in Mankato, MN. Our goal is to provide the necessary support, tailored to the needs and desires of each individual, to enable them to live as independently as possible.

Progressive Living works with individuals with developmental and physical disabilities, along with varying mental illnesses and implements care specific to each individual. From medication administration and managing finances to cooking, cleaning, shopping, transportation, bathing and more. Our employees are dedicated to providing services that help our individuals to be as independent as possible, and to thrive in their communities.

Care from people who care about people

Support services for Independent and Semi-Independent Living

Maintaining a safe, supportive, and therapeutic living environment is part of what makes Progressive Living one of the area’s most respected group home and community residential providers.

Progressive Living works with the individuals’ team to create goals which are catered specifically to them. Our staff assist in teaching skills that will help lead them to greater independence and self-sufficiency. Being person centered is our top priority. Progressive Living’s team works hand in hand with our individuals to ensure that they have all the support they need to reach their goals. Progressive Living offers flexible staffing hours ranging from twenty-four-hour care to just a few hours a week, all based on individual needs and team preferences.

We also provide In-home services to individuals living on their own in their own apartment or house. These individuals are capable of independent living but may still need assistance in certain areas of their lives. We again work with the individual and their team to develop a support plan that gives them a foundation to continue working towards their goal of independence.

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